Equipment Policy

Allston Brighton Youth Hockey Equipment Policy


Allston Brighton Youth Hockey makes investments in program-owned equipment on a regular basis. For the purposes of this policy ‘purchased’ equipment includes equipment donated to ABYH, equipment purchased by the board or its designee or any equipment for which the purchaser was reimbursed (reimbursement is only provided for approved purchases). ABYH-purchased equipment may include pucks, puck bags, cones and other hockey drill equipment, pinnies, etc, and, in some cases, position specific equipment such as goalie equipment. All equipment purchased by ABYH is for the use of ABYH related activities only.  Requests for use outside of ABYH activities will be considered on a case-by-case basis and require written permission from the Board or its designee.  Any equipment lent to teams, coaches or players must be returned to ABYH at the end of the season unless explicit written permission is given by the Board or its designee. 


In some circumstances, ABYH may lend its equipment to other organizations serving a similar mission. Lending of equipment requires written permission by the Board or its designee. 


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